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best Restaurant in lahore


Creama di funghi

Fresh button mushrooms with garlic & celery

Rs 655
Broccoli Soup

Fresh cream of broccoli topped with leek and potato

Rs 795
Pappa al Pomodoro

Classic tomato puree and basil with garlic celery carrot & leek

Rs 602


Smoked Salmon Salad

House smoked salmon on tossed lettuce, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil drizzled with caramelized walnuts and strawberry vinegrate dressing

Rs 1287
Caesar Salad

Tender chicken over crisp lettuce leaves with olives, crouton, grated parmesan, tossed with Caesar dressing

Rs 1113
Greek Salad

Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, feta cheese and Greek dressing

Rs 1097
Mediterranean Salad

Succulent chunks of chicken with mixed lettuce, broccoli & beans

Rs 1109
best Restaurant in lahore
Top Notch lahore


Explosive Prawns

Deep fried battered prawns drenched in sriracha chilli sauce,basil & butter

Rs 1744
Frittura di Calamari

Freshly fried squid coated with bread crumbs

Rs 1438
Almond Crusted Prawns

Almond coated prawns with salsa and chilli mayo dressing

Rs 1663
Sesame Chicken Strips

Finger chicken strips smothered with bread crumbs and toasted sesame seeds

Rs 1281
Funghi Ripieni

Chicken stuffed mushrooms cooked with olives and ricotta cheese sundried tomato topping

Rs 1073
Pollo Crocante

Crunchy well seasoned chicken, stuff with cheese and fried till golden brown, served with honey mustard dip

Rs 1318
Buffalo wings

Finger chicken strips smothered with bread crumbs and toasted sesame seeds

Rs 989
French Fries

Plain Fries (596) Jalapeno Cheesy Fries (743) Mushroom Cheesy Fries (785)


STEAK with Creamy Mushroom & Pepper Sauce

Demi glazed beef steak marinated in rosemary, black pepper, garlic accompanied with soft peppercorn sauce

Rs 2479
Blue Cheese Charcoal Grilled Steak

Divine beef tenderloin and sauteed vegetables with luscious blue cheese sauce, topped with fresh parsley from our organic kitchen garden

Rs 2495
Traditional Pepper Corn Sauce Grilled Steak

Flame grilled beef steak, traditional rich sauce flavoured with tarragon, served with sauteed vegetables

Rs 2463
Mexicana Fire Grilled Steak

succulent grilled steak immersed in hot sauce and tobasco prepared with bell peppers, tomatoes, jalapenos

Rs 2469
Lamb Shank

Creamy spinach with rosemary mint lamb demi glazed served with seasonal vegetables

Rs 2683
Top Notch
Top Notch


Pollo Parmesano

Supple organic chicken breast prepared with breadcrumbs, served in sauce with mozzarella parmesan & bell peppers

Rs 1796
Top Notch Stuffed Chicken

Wrapped chicken breast stuffed with organic sun dried tomatoes, olives, turkey, bacon & melted mozzarella cheese

Rs 2022
Pollo a la Brasa

Charcoal grilled organic chicken with our homemade Tangy sauce & vegetables

Rs 1798
Poulet Aux Jalapeno

Skillet seared chicken overlaid in jalapeno cheese sauce

Rs 1831


Scampi Pappy

Mouthwatering Shrimp with garlic, salt, pepper served on a bed of risotto rice and sauteed vegetables

Rs 2398
Sole Mediterranean

Sole fillet marinated in lemon grass, basil, parsley, orange and lemon juice with risotto rice

Rs 2096
Greek Style Fish

Oven baked white fish filled with lemon and mint laid with risotto rice and steamed vegetables

Rs 2136
Classic Fish & Chips

Fresh sole prepared in lime juice, garlic batter served with homemade chips and tartar sauce

Rs 1897
Top Notch Seafood
Top Notch pasta


Alfredo Pasta

Grilled Chicken mixed will pepper served with creamy parmesan cheese sauce sprinkled with basil

Rs 1399
Pollo ai Funghi

Cooked seared chicken breast in creamy cheese and fettuccini mushrooms with garlic puree

Rs 1470
Penne Arrabbiata Pasta

Pasta tubes with grilled chicken, celery, carrots in a rich tomato sauce served with bay leaf

Rs 1382


Kids Meal

Nano Burger + Mac & cheese Pasta + Cheesy Puff + French Fries + Fruit Juice

Rs 1111
Classic Fish & Chips Mini

Fresh sole prepared in lime juice, garlic, breadcrumbs served with homemade chips and tartar sauce

Rs 1111
Top Notch
Lahore Top Restaurant


Molten Lava

Chocolate cake with a molten chocolate centre served with vanilla ice cream

Rs 987
Skillet Brownie

Chocolate brownie drizzled with rich fudge sauce, served with ice cream

Rs 983
Creme Brulee

Rich custard base glazed with caramelized sugar

Rs 673
Nutella Bread Pudding

Layered nutella croissants with pecan, served with ice cream

Rs 883
Bread Pudding

Made with bread and smothered in warm praline sauce with a side of vanilla ice cream

Rs 876
Chesse Cake

Luscious creamy cheese cake with cracker crust and a choice of strawberry or blueberry topping

Rs 987
Death By Chocolate

For extreme chocolate lovers, simply beyond explanation

Rs 975




Rs 599

Rs 599

Rs 599

Rs 599

Rs 599

Rs 599


Mint Margarita

Rs 599
Grapes Mint Margarita

Rs 599
Pina Colada

Rs 599
Oreo Shake

Rs 599
Almond Date Shake

Rs 599
Rainbow Magic

Rs 599
Apple Ginger Margarita

Rs 599

Rs 499
Strawberry Cooler

Rs 499
Salted Caramel Shake

Rs 599
Angel Kiss

Rs 599


Peach Smoothy

Rs 499
Mango Smoothy

Rs 499
Apple Smoothy

Rs 499
Strawberry Smoothy

Rs 499
Banana Smoothy

Rs 499
Grapes Smoothy

Rs 499


Apple Chiller

Rs 599
Strawberry Chiller

Rs 599
Banana Chiller

Rs 599
Mango Chiller

Rs 599


Peach Ice Tea

Rs 499
Apple Ice Tea

Rs 499
Strawberry Ice Tea

Rs 499
Rasberry Ice Tea

Rs 499
Mango Ice Tea

Rs 499


Mango Shake

Rs 599
Banana Shake

Rs 599
SStrawberry Shake

Rs 599


Traditional Hand Whipped Coffee

Rs 499
English Tea

Rs 299

Rs 299
Masala Chai

Rs 299
Honey Tea

Rs 299
Cinnamon Tea

Rs 299
Lemon Tea

Rs 299



Rs 149
Diet Coke

Rs 149

Rs 149
Sprite Zero

Rs 149

Rs 149
Fresh Lime Sprite

Rs 149
Mineral Water Small

Rs 99
Mineral Water Large

Rs 149
Red Bull

Rs 350
Perrier Water

Rs 250
Ginger ale

Rs 270

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